No critical ingredients

Ökotest-Magazin | 10-2017 DThe Thermopad body warmer is free of critical ingredients – this has been certified by an currently published test of heat plasters. We appreciate this independent evaluation. However our warmers were tested not as part of the competition, as the test was primarily for medical products. The editorial staff asked whether we would like to participate with our body warmer, but we had to decline, as our products are no medical products. The competitors in this test – the products from Thermacare, Herbachaud, SOS and Altapharma all were medical products (which means, you have to prove that your product is pain-relieving) but that didn’t help to convice the testers. We declined the inclusion into the panel of medical products but had to face the accusation that the packaging of our body warmer shows a woman, with her hand on the back – that would implicate an application for back pains. But that is not our intention and we want to point out that we chose that design to show at which areas our body warmer can be used.”

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