To the Kilimandscharo!

In 24 hours to the top of the highest freestanding mountin of the world – and down again! Thanks to Thermopad our adventure in Africa with 16 days on the mountains Mount Meru and Kilimandscharo was a little bit more comfortable. The hand warmers were very helpfull. I took two of them with me in the sleeping bag every night. In a height of 3.000 to 4.500 meters they worked well, in spite of the low oxygen level. In the morning they were still warm and I was able to put them in the gloves. Above that level the pads needed more time outside to get activated but they produced comfortable warmth, maybe a little less than normal. When I reached the top at 5.895m I had two pads in the gloves and two in the chest pockets of the midlayer and in the trouser pockets. In spite of a GoreTex jacket (but with opened air holes) all six warmers worked very well – under really hard circumstances. Many thanks to the Thermopad team for supporting our project!