Thermopads are climate neutral

We want to take responsibility.

We calculate all carbon emissions that are generated unavoidably during the production process and compensate them by suppporting a climate protection project – verified by the TÜV. Thermopad supports the project Qori Q´oncha – Microsol Improved Cookstoves.

Each year, more than 4 million people, among the poorest in the world, die from exposure to toxicfumes from the use of inefficient, polluting and hazardous traditional three stones fire. In response to this alarming situation, Microsol developed the Qori Q’oncha program that works for over 10 years and supports the dissemination and sustainability of more than 100,000 improved cookstoves in poor rural areas of Peru. The families can save fuel, cut down carbon emissions and save their own health.

All Thermopads are climate neutral!