Jennifer Koriath


Dressage rider

Jenny is enthusiastic dressage rider and always accomanied by her charming white horse Duque. She writes: „For 3 years we are a team now. Duque is 8 years old and came from Spain with one blind eye when he was 3 years old. It doesn’t limit him and he never lost the trust.

Together we discovered new aspects of dressage riding and Duque has much fun and became a real show horse. He lives in an open stable. Thats very spcies-appropriate, but I am cold very easily. I get out of the car and my hands and feet are ice cold immediately.”

Jenny loves our products – we noticed it when she told it to all her followers on her instagram account. She uses our products for her dressage work and the work in the stable.

“While riding and during the work in the stable thick gloves and thick shoes are very unhandy. Especially during dressage riding. So the thin Thermopads are ideal for me. My personal heating to go. They even fit into my customized riding boots and the thin riding gloves. So there’s no further obstacle to a dressage training or a long ride in the winter. And the body warmers have been very helpful for my slipped disk.”

We wish very much success and fun for such a beautiful hobby!


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