Karl-Heinz Ranz



Outdoor  Photographer

Karl-Heinz Ranz has travelled all continents with his camera. For this job he needs best equipment. To stay warm even on the glaciers of New Zealand or Iceland or on the trekking tours through the Himalaya and Karakorum, he trusts his mobile heating – Thermopads.

And because a photographer needs always batteries that stay ready for action, he warms them with Thermopads in his pockets too.

Since 2017 Karl-Heinz Ranz uses drones for unusual angles on his foto tours. He discovered that he can achieve maximum flight time, if he puts one of our pads in the drone case, to keep the battery warm.



He also produces multimedia shows of all his travels and presents them on various events. His customers book him as photographer, videographer and drone pilot for image films. Thanks to his long-lasting experience in this field, he also offers multimedia workshops.



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