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Thermopad foot warmer

Air activated heat insoles that heat up automatically after contact with oxygen and provide natural heat for up to 8 hours.

No more cold feet
Cold feet easily tarnish the winter fun. A perfect solution for this problem: our foot warmers in three different sizes. Foot warmers are placed into the shoes or boots. They give warmth to the whole foot sole and fit into all winter shoes or ski boots. Enjoy comfortably warm feet during cold days.

Different sizes: Available in sizes S (36-39), L (40-42) and XL (43-46)

Open the packaging, remove the warmers, wait a few minutes for the activation with oxygen and place them in the shoes. In case of really cold temperatures outside an additional aluminium insole can help keeping the warmth inside the shoe. After one-time use dispose of the cooled down warmers as general waste.

Climate neutral
All Thermopads are climate neutral. The carbon footprint of our products is fully compensated.