Frank Heinzelmann

Soccer-fan and Power-user

Frank could be the prototype for our Friends & Family programm: He is the brother of our co-founder Uwe, and friend of the other two founders and he is a real Thermopad power-user. Ok, maybe power-user is maybe a little bit exaggerated as he lives at the Lake Constance – and it is rarely ever really cold there.

But during his various outdoor activities – like skiing or soccer matches at the stadium – he is always equipped with Thermopads. As loyal fan of the BVB he needs to have foot warmers and body warmers to cheer for the BVB. Only from time to time at the home matches, but as soon as the BVB is guest near his home town he will be sitting in the stand.

The BVB players on the substitutes’ bench won’t be cold as well, because they use our Thermopads too. And the warm-up is the half the battle, as Frank knows too – he is teacher for maths and sports.


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