Shipments sensitive to low temperatures

Thermopad offers charcoal based warmers that can be used for thermal logistics. Customers from pharma industries, food or animal products use our warmers to send out products that are not supposed to reach a temperature below a certain level.

In collaboration with our customers we can choose the appropriate product individually for their needs. With the aid of data loggers we can control the temperature within the parcels during the test period.

Thermal logistics – test series

Adjacent to the right you see a chart  of one of our test series. For that test we equiped a parcel (Size: 200x200x150 mm) with our warmers. Air holes provided the necessary oxygen. The parcel was stored in a refrigerated warehouse with 3-4 °C ambient air temperature. The parcel had no isolation, the data logger was placed in the middle of the parcel.

The adjacent chart shows the temperature development within the parcel.